Lending Library

West Central Child Care Connection has a lending library filled with a variety of resources to support those who care for children.  Access to the library is limited to those licensed child care homes, centers and programs that are listed on our database.

Resources include: Theme based prop boxes , AccuCut machine & Self Study DVD’s.

You may reserve prop boxes up to 3 months in advance, only 1 box per center classroom or child care home each month.  We will make every effort to honor your requests.

Please contact the West Central Child Care Connection office for information about any of the resources in the Lending Library.

Library policy

Providers may check out items any time during the month. However, all prop boxes must be returned by the last Monday of the month.  We also have a delivery system for the prop boxes.


The library has a laminator, book binder and AccuCut machines that are available for a nominal fee.  The AccuCut may be used for free at the office. We also have a delivery system with the AccuCut to bring it to your home/program and pick it up a few days later.


We can pick-up/drop-off prop boxes at your family child care program or center

Prop Box Feedback

By sharing your experiences on a feedback form for each box you complete, you will be eligible to receive 1 hour of training credit.

Prop Boxes