Is Childcare Right for You?

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Characteristics of Successful Providers

  • Have good health and lots of energy
  • Enjoy being around children and playing with them (might want to specialize in certain age group if you have special preferences)
  • Like staying at home and like being your own boss
  • Can make the most out of available resources and are creative and resourceful in planning for children and problem solving with adults
  • Organized in planning and record keeping but can tolerate a certain level of noise and disorder
  • Can communicate effectively with children and their parents
  • Will respect parent's decision to work outside the home and believes that quality child care can be beneficial to children in many ways

Do you enjoy children and could you be around them 10-12 hours a day?

Are you organized and able to keep financial records?

Do you have good health and a fair amount of energy?

Are you willing to rearrange your house and have it be a little messy at times?

Do you understand the basic elements of child development and know where to go for assistance?

If you answered yes to ALL these questions, childcare could be a career for you!

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Thanks for taking our quiz but childcare might not be the career for you.

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